Participants at the Biogas Workshop at the Finnish Permaculture farm Beyond Buckthorns

After the successful Biogas workshop at the Parainen permaculture we scheduled another Biogas workshop. This time at our own premises: the Beyond Buckhtorns Permaculture. We had plans to build this DIY Biogas system since we planed our move to Finland.

different logs inoculated with mushroom brood resting on a palett

Starting Our Mushroom Farm

In 2016 I planned to start a small mushroom (general, funghi) farm. My first interest got me into reading about button mushrooms, but I dropped them very soon for Shitake and Pleurotus. Both could be cultivated on logs.

Carrots tucked in

Carrots Are in the Ground

The Finnish spring 2017 has been extremely cold, much colder than usual. We've had snowfall well into May, and frost has been a frequent guest, especially at night. That has meant that we've been able to sow very few plants outside yet.

From the Glog

This Fall's Garden Harvest in One Post

Bean harvest 2017

Fall 2017 has been somewhat crazy. Perhaps there'll be a little retrospect on it later, but for now let's look at some of the delicious veggies we were able to harvest this autumn from our annuals garden.

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Delicious Red currant cake
Detail photograph of a red currant by Dominik Jais
Mulching with hay and leaves
First Snow Flakes Falling on Finish Soil
Part of our organic corn harvest
Pickled green tomatoes it is
The system arrives by post
Herbs on the windowsill