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One Year in Finland

Life Beyond Buckthorns

23rd of May 2017 came and went. Why is that an important date anyway? Well, it's the one-year anniversary of our life in Finland. On the 23rd of May 2016 my Mum picked us up from the Tampere airport and brought us back to the house, which was completely jam-packed with moving boxes. We slept on my old bed, mum camped downstairs and on the 24rd we got to work.

Installing Electric Water Pipe Heating

water pipe insulated with PE foam and Styrofoam + active heating

Our fresh water pipe enters the house sideways, which means we have a small hut attached to the house, in which the water pipes comes in from below ground and enter the house through the wall. This is pretty practical in a Rintamamiestalo. A Rintamamiestalo sits on a concrete socket, so there is about a meter high air-gap between soil ground and the ground floor of the house. Imagine that your water pipe freezes and you have to go below your house in order to unfreeze it. This could be a total nightmare in winter times, working at -20 °C outside, in the dark small space under the house.


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First Snow Flakes Falling on Finish Soil
Bean harvest 2017
Part of our organic corn harvest
Solar panel being moved onto the roof
Mustikkakukko served

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This Fall's Garden Harvest in One Post

Bean harvest 2017

Fall 2017 has been somewhat crazy. Perhaps there'll be a little retrospect on it later, but for now let's look at some of the delicious veggies we were able to harvest this autumn from our annuals garden.

The year was very subotimal, awfully wet and therefore we had a lot of slugs eating our crops. The summer was also very, very cold, so many things just didn't make it, loke corn or most of the cabbages.


Calendula in the Garden

Bee on a calendula flower

I have a lot of calendula plants in my garden. Usually too much, as they tend to sow themselves in the fall and rise in the most surprising places the next spring. I let them rise, as they are actually really beneficial plants to have in any garden!

Obviously calendula (officially calendula officinalis, also called pot marigold) is really beautuful. It makes a great cut flower and it's just a joy to look at while working in the garden. But, it has medical uses as well as does a job keeping pests at bay in the produce garden!


Pickled green tomatoes it is

Pickled green tomatoes it is

In March I started to plant a lot of tomatoes. 5 varieties, 8 - 15 plants per variety, planted in pots indoors. It all looked very well in the beginning, the plants where growing, enjoying the sun behind the window. I transferred them into bigger pots once they grew out of their pot. Cared every day for them and it seemed that everything was going according to plan.

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