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A House with Two Fireplaces

First fire burning in the repaired fireplace

As the header says, our house has two beautiful, old fireplaces, and finally both of them are operational!

For as long as I know (to be exact, since 1987) the second old fireplace hasn't been in use as the chimney has been full of old, very tightly-sitting bird nest remnants (branches, earth, you name it!). As winter has arrived, we were keen on getting this fireplace working, too.

Our Cozy Winter Home

Our house in the fall sun

The winter has arrived, and even though this is not the High North of Westerors it does get cold in here too. Well, we are in latitude 61°, which is not very high up in Finland but looking at it globally it very much is! We get the winters the latitude suggests: cold, snowy, long. That's why I felt there are a few steps I'd like to do before it gets all too snowy or cold. Here's a my little list:


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