Strawberry field with straw and newspaper covering the soil

Over the last weeks I prepared my strawberry field. I turned the earth upside down, removed hundreds of stones (ok 11), and set a border. In order to grow strawberry easily I first put newspaper on the ground and covered that with organic straw. Why easily?

Starting Our Mushroom Farm

In 2016 I planned to start a small mushroom (general, funghi) farm. My first interest got me into reading about button mushrooms, but I dropped them very soon for Shitake and Pleurotus. Both could be cultivated on logs.

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Garlic bulbs
Organic apple juice made in Finland
Huge red gooseberries
Carrots in sand
Our house in the fall sun
The yellow rubber duck is watching you
water pipe insulated with PE foam and Styrofoam + active heating
First potatoes of 2016