Meeting the Nordic Institute of Permaculture in Oslo at ByKuben

On Friday morning Lumia brought me to Hämeenlinna so that I could take the bus to Helsinki Vantaa Airport, in order to catch the plane to Oslo. Why Oslo? This years, 2019, Nordic Institute of Permaculture meeting was held in Oslo and the Finns requested their membership some weeks before.

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Garden news October 2019

Winter has officially arrived. Well not officially, but for me first snow means that autumn is coming to an end, even though it always melts away for another month or even two. Here are some impressions from the garden on the 28th and 29th of October 2019.

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Thinned out carrots
Frosty kale
Zucchini waiting on the workbench to be chopped
Onions hanging to dry
A lot of blueberries waiting for their usage
The system arrives by post
Delicious Zucchini Chips in a white bowl
Life Beyond Buckthorns