Nordic Institute of Permaculture group photo by Philip Varionov

Every year, usually on the first weekend of February, the Nordic Institute of Permaculture meets at one of the members countries. Currently those are Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. All members of the national member associations are invited to join the meeting.

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Garden news October 2019

Winter has officially arrived. Well not officially, but for me first snow means that autumn is coming to an end, even though it always melts away for another month or even two. Here are some impressions from the garden on the 28th and 29th of October 2019.

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Cranes over the barn
Permaculture Stencil Template
Tiny cucumber
Delicious Red currant cake
Three deer in the snow
Part of our organic corn harvest
The system arrives by post
Kevätmessut garden Alice in Wonderland center piece