Fall 2017 has been somewhat crazy. Perhaps there'll be a little retrospect on it later, but for now let's look at some of the delicious veggies we were able to harvest this autumn from our annuals garden.

The year was very subotimal, awfully wet and therefore we had a lot of slugs eating our crops. The summer was also very, very cold, so many things just didn't make it, loke corn or most of the cabbages.

But, we had a very good bean harvest, plus the root vegetables that did make it are big and tasty - just look at the carrots below! We have a good amount of carrots and red beets which is great, as those tend to be the ones we eat the most of anyway. The swedes and radishes were pretty heavily eaten by other little friends, so even though there was quite a lot of harvest, when preparing them there won't be much left.

Anyhow, it's all in the root cellar or freezer now and it's very good it is, as two weeks after the harvest, on the 25th of October, the first snow arrived (good 15 cm of it in one night!) It's just good to know the harvest is safe!

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