On the 21st of April the Finnish Permaculture Association (FPA) hosted "Permakulttuuri Nyt!" at Annala in Helsinki. About 50 - 60 permaculture enthusiast were present during the event. A lot of interesting and inspiring talks were given in about 4 hours. Between the talk was enough time for socializing a little. The 15 € entrance fee, Finnish Permaculture Association members paid nothing, included food, coffee and dessert, which all was very delicious.

Terhi Arell showed the Koroinen permaculture. Dan McTiernan presented his former Permaculture projects and his recent one: Wild Farm Permaculture. I was also very inspired by Juha Ujula, who showed a peach tree with fruits growing! in a unheated green house here in Finland. Pretty impressive. That was not all of course, there were other talks and presenters there also with info tables and materials. Something to interest everyone, I am sure.

My favorite talks were about mushrooms. I resonated pretty well with the general idea of Gifts from Metsä, which are in favor of natural forests and / or natural forest cultivation. From my perspective their idea is a pretty good example of the first Permaculture principle. Helsieni introduced the idea of a MycoHacklab, a space were you can learn everything about mushrooms. If you are not familiar with Hacklabs, or Hackspaces you might want to read about the general idea first.

I cultivated some mushroom logs last year and hope to see some results soon. Those mushroom talks got me some great ideas, especially of cultivating Reishi. Need to order some mycelium now. 

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