And suddenly it's November and the winter is really getting near (there's a snow storm coming tomorrow actually!) Therefore today I got started in making our garden ready for winter. I removed all plants which were either supposed to make seed but didn't have enough time to do so, or were flowers past their bloom still in the garden. Well, I of course didn't remove them from the garden, I just pulled them out and laid them on the ground as mulch.

I also started spreading the winter mulch - sheet mulch on the sides, hay and leaves in the middle. Boy, do we have a big garden! I couldn't finish, not even close, so I hope the snowstorm goes as quick as it comes (it propably will.)

At this time there's only kale and leeks in the garden left. I harvested the last salad today. How amazing, we've been eating salad since June! I also got the last few flowers from the garden and brought them inside. There are still also some sunflowers up for the birds to pick seeds from (they are pretty empty already though).

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