In March I started to plant a lot of tomatoes. 5 varieties, 8 - 15 plants per variety, planted in pots indoors. It all looked very well in the beginning, the plants where growing, enjoying the sun behind the window. I transferred them into bigger pots once they grew out of their pot. Cared every day for them and it seemed that everything was going according to plan.

When it was time for them to leave the house I brought them outside. A batch went into a palette raised bed without roof and another one into a raised bed with roof. I noticed that I had more plants than space left and so I build another raised bed with roof. The 3rd batch then went outside 2 weeks later. Some, very view, of them I planted in the garden. 

With bringing them outside everything went from good to bad. For about 3 to 4 weeks the plants weren't doing anything in terms of growing. I call it a transplant- or climate shock. After that they were back to normal mode but those weeks in rest caused no good. In the end, when harvest time came, I got about 1,2 kg from about 50 plants. And: they were all green!

Question was: what to do with green tomatoes? I remembered that movie I watched decades ago: Green Tomatoes and from that one idea came to my mind: pickled green tomatoes. I searched the web for a receipt and came across one from (German language), which I modified. 

The tomatoes are now in their jars and we will open the first one soon. 

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