One of the tastiest, most original Finnish pastries I have ever tasted is the mustikkakukko. It is a traditional sweet pastry from Savo region in the east of Finland. It is basically a rye-crusted blueberry pie made with wholemeal rye flour and lots of blueberries straight from the Finnish woods! My mum had just brought us litres and litres of blueberries so I decided not to freeze it all but to make a mustikkakukko for the first time ever. Here's a little report on what I did and how it went!

I found this recipe in an old leaflet from our local store. What you need is:

200 g Butter
1 1/2 dl Sugar
4 1/2 dl Rye flour (whole grain)
1 ts Baking powder
400 g Blueberries
1 1/2 dl Sugar
1/2 dl Potato flour


Blueberries, baking powder and potato flour

Take out all the ingredients and a pot, bowl and a mixing spoon.

Mustikkakukko dough

To make the dough, melt the butter in a pot, let cool a bit and add the sugar. The combine the flour with the bacing powder and addd the mixture to the butter-sugar and mix well until smooth.

Baked mustikkakukko

Then take about 3/4th of the dough and form a bottom and sides into a small baking dish (about 20 cm diameter). Then combine the blueberries with the rye and potato flour and place them in the dish. Create a cover from the remaining dough and place it over the blueberries, creating a closed rye crust to the pie.

Then bake in 200 degrees for about 45 minutes until the dough gets a bit brown.

Mustikkakukko and coffee

That's it! You can eat the mustikkakukko as it is or with vanilla sauce or ice cream. We had it outside in the sun with a cup of coffee!

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