As the header says, our house has two beautiful, old fireplaces, and finally both of them are operational!

For as long as I know (to be exact, since 1987) the second old fireplace hasn't been in use as the chimney has been full of old, very tightly-sitting bird nest remnants (branches, earth, you name it!). As winter has arrived, we were keen on getting this fireplace working, too.

The chimney sweeper has tried a few times to clear it, but with this equipment he couldn't do it, as the debris sat in a place he couldn't reach. Last time he was here, suggested we get a mason to come over - and that is exactly what happened last week. There's a good mason right in our village and in a few hours he had fixed our old, beautiful fireplace so that we could use it for the first time in at least thirty years.

See me light the first fire in the beautiful fireplace and share our joy by watching the video below!

First fire in the repaired old fireplace

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