Solar air heater attached to the house

Heating with the sun - a solar air heater

Solar air heaters are passive solar element that can heat rooms during cold days while the sun is shining. Building one is a piece of cake


A Kontiki klin at Beyond Buckthorns

From plans to build - a Kontiki kiln for charcoal making

In order to close the loop of my biogas systems outputs I thought of a mixture of shit, piss, effluent and charcoal some years ago. The only missing component was until recently the charcoal. Charcoal making is an art on its own, especially if huge amounts need to be made.



Beyond Buckthorns’ Lumia and Dominik invite you to the 2023 PDC at their homestead!
Tervetuloa PDC - permakulttuurikurssille meille BeyondBuckthornsin kotitilalle, Pirkanmaalle!


Permakulttuuri on suunnittelufilosofia ja -menetelmä, jonka tavoitteena on kehittää luonnon toimintaa ja muotoja jäljentäviä maisemakokonaisuuksia tuottaen kestävällä tavalla ruokaa, kuituja ja energiaa paikallisiin tarpeisiin.


When we got the offer from Lumias mother to take over her two-hectare premises in the countryside of Finland we jumped for joy. For us living in the countryside in a house with a big garden was a big dream - after years and years of city dwelling we had grown to realize we want to live in nature, with nature, and this was our chance...