Permaculture meeting in Koroinen

Piirit Koroisilla

The Finnish Permaculture Associations events are always nice. This autumn we met in Koroinen, Turku. Read all about it!


Swales on contour at Beyond Buckthorns

Syntropia borealis

When Lumia and I moved to Finland in 2016 we started observation right away. I discovered micro climates, areas where edible fungi grew, natural trees nurseries, etc. I also notices one particular area that was used to grow food. An area that somehow seemed out of context to me. This is were this design starts.

At the Garden

4 years BeyondBuckthorns

4 years BeyondBuckthorns

It’s our four year anniversary here at BeyondBuckthorns!


When we got the offer from Lumias mother to take over her two-hectare premises in the countryside of Finland we jumped for joy. For us living in the countryside in a house with a big garden was a big dream - after years and years of city dwelling we had grown to realize we want to live in nature, with nature, and this was our chance...