Tools for cultural change - on the beach - pic by Akuna

Reflecting on Tools for cultural change course

As I reflect on the week I spent in Denmark on the Erasmus+ course called Tools for cultural change, I feel grateful. This intensive program dived into the complexities of cultural transformation, offering both profound insights and amazing connections.


Beyond Buckthorns is now a EuPN certified PermaHub

Introducing the EuPN certified PermaHub – a modern data driven approach to accreditation

This design is to show a data driven approach to assessing and accrediting permaculture places.


Thinned out carrots

I Thinned Out the Carrots - Glog

Yesterday I said I should start thinning out the carrots, so today I did.

About us and our permaculture homestead

Beyond Buckthorns is a permaculture homestead and education centre. In the past years, we have worked on the old log house and its three-hectare plot in accordance with the principles of permaculture. Close to our hearts are e.g. fairness, producing your own food (especially different fruit trees, herbs and annual vegetables and conserving food), biogas, sustainable and ecological living and renovation of an old house and all kinds of experimentation!