Key features of permaculture education

  1. Hands-on learning: Permaculture education is often hands-on and experiential, with students participating in practical activities such as designing and implementing permaculture gardens and food forests, building compost systems, and learning about alternative energy sources.
  2. Interdisciplinary approach: Permaculture education draws on a wide range of disciplines, including ecology, agroforestry, natural building, social permaculture, and sustainable design. This interdisciplinary approach helps students develop a holistic understanding of the natural world and the ways in which we can work with it.
  3. Community involvement: Permaculture education often emphasizes the importance of community involvement and collaboration. Students may work on projects with local communities, learn about community-based permaculture initiatives, and develop skills in group dynamics and teamwork.
  4. Focus on sustainability: Permaculture education is based on the principles of sustainability and focuses on creating regenerative systems that support both people and the planet. Students learn about sustainable land use practices, regenerative agriculture, and ways to reduce waste and conserve resources.
  5. Adaptive and flexible design: Permaculture education emphasizes the importance of adaptive and flexible design, and encourages students to think creatively and critically about the challenges of sustainability. Students learn to design systems that are resilient, regenerative, and adaptable, and that can be adapted to a wide range of environments and conditions.

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Permaculture education at Beyond Buckthorns

Education is important to us. We usually host on 72 hours Permaculture Design Course per year + some other courses and workshop. You can find our course / workshop / lectures on our website


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