Before Christmas 2019 we bought a FLIR cam, a thermal image camera. With that cam it is possible to detect leaks of warmth in a building. It shows temperature as colour as an overlay over a normal photo. The temperature overlay colours go from yellow (hot) down to dark blue (cold) and they are set relative to the actual temperature. The image also shows the temperature in focus as number.

The sensor size is compared to a normal photo sensor pretty small. The images are 320x240 pixel. No, there are no zeros missing. But the resolution is enough to check for leaks and give the user a good overview.

We already detected some problematic points at our house that we will close in 2020. Basically the joints between the wall and the floor need insulation. It was also very helpful to detect problems with the top insulation of the biogas plant. And of course it is helpful with all other heat related projects, like for example a Solar Air Furnace.

The Flir cam costs about 400 € and from my perspective it is worth it, especially if you are renovating an old house or have heat related projects going.

If I come visit your house in winter times just let me know that I should bring the camera with me and we can run a small audit. Good permaculture cooperation!