The Finnish Permaculture Associations events are always nice, I must say. The latest one was really small and cozy (keeping distance, of course, but the feeling was cozy) and just really nice.

We met in Koroinen, Turku, the first Finnish LAND-centre and so far the only one on a beautiful October day. The day’s program was full of association related things plus of course the re-certification of Koroinen as a LAND-centre.

LAND all the way

We started the day grabbing a coffee or a tea and the got right into it. Koroinen’s new permaculture coordinator Lotta and other active members of Elävän kulttuurin Koroinen presented the updated materials such as the permaculture site design for the area. Marja, the permaculture associations LAND-coordinator lead the interview and the rest of us listened and learned – as we are always trying to stack functions, the re-certification was used to train new LAND-advisors!

After that we went outside for the grand tour. The weather was wonderful, so the tour was a very enjoyable experience. Everything looked really good and there had been much improvement comparing to the first assessment in 2018. Needless to say the accreditation was continued. Well done Koroinen!

Now it was time for lunch. We enjoyed a Shams lunch with amazingly tasty vegan aubergine and potato casserole. I could eat that every day! Next year I am definitely growing aubergines in the greenhouse!

Down to business

After lunch the associations sosiocratic circles met: LAND and the board. We also have communications circle running, just not that day. Later the general circle met for the first time, which was great! The day ended with some more tastiness from the kitchen and the annual autumn meeting of the Finnish Permaculture Association. Dominik will continue as the chariman for another year to continue with the transformation, plus the budjet and plan of action for 2021 was approved, so all is well!

It was hard to stop talking with everyone we haven’t seen in a long time, but as the skies started to darken, we decided to head home. It’s a long drive, but it certainly always is worth it. Thank you Koroinen and all participants!


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