And there are those day you really struggle with nature. On Wednesday it was heavy raining and in addition to the rain the wind blew pretty heavy. That heavy that when I went into the garden to get some zucchinis I found our corn and sunflowers laying on the soil. I first checked for their roots. We got lucky, the plants were still rooted and had no severe damage but the picture I got made me think that those plant won't come back on their stem by their own. I went into the house to check with Lumia. We found that we could solve the issue by applying some supports. From last weeks wood work I remembered that we had a lot of wood posts - and now was the time to use them.

We got the wood posts into the field. We placed them between to corn stems and rammed them into the soil. After that we bound the corn stems with twine onto the wood posts. Hopefully this will help the corn to stay, reroot and grow further. 


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