Life Beyond Buckthorns

23rd of May 2017 came and went. Why is that an important date anyway? Well, it's the one-year anniversary of our life in Finland. On the 23rd of May 2016 my Mum picked us up from the Tampere airport and brought us back to the house, which was completely jam-packed with moving boxes.

Our PV System Is Up and Running

Yesterday was the day when we got to turn on our PV (photovoltaic) system! Watch the video to see how easy it is to turn a switch - and see us as we turn it, taking a huge step towards energy autonomy.


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water pipe insulated with PE foam and Styrofoam + active heating
Organic apple juice made in Finland
First Snow Flakes Falling on Finish Soil
Tiny mandala garden with a sea buckthorn
First potatoes of 2016
Zucchini waiting on the workbench to be chopped
Three deer in the snow
Participants at the Biogas Workshop at the Finnish Permaculture farm Beyond Buckthorns