Holy Shit - a journey into DIY biogas - the movie

Director Dominik Jais takes you with him on a journey into the DIY biogas community in the USA. Follow him - and learn about DIY biogas, the practitioners and innovators.

The movie was shot in 2016 in Upstate New York, Pennsylvania and Finland. The total budget was about 1200,- € - mostly for travel. 

  • Running time: 1 hour 16 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Release Date: 02.04.2023
  • Shot with GoPro and Sony Nex

"Holy Shit" is freely available on Youtube. Scroll down for the link.




DIY Biogas practioners and teachers

Meet the biogas enthusiasts which are shown in the movie. 

Kathy Puffer

Meet permaculture and biogas teacher Kathy Puffer at her homestead ecosystem. She will introduce us to her baby dragons. 

Janice Kelsey

Janice is the directory of SolarC³ITIES solutions. She invites into her home for a an open-house-evening - of course about biogas!

TH Culhane

Learn from the man who installed hundreds of DIY IBC systems all over the world. 

He will introduce us to the IBC research digester at Janice Kelseys place.

Jody Spangler

She is the owner of Adragone Aeroponics. On her farm she will show us her Puxin digester.

Bob "Biogas" Hamburg

Inventor of "dragon husbandry". He will show us his latest invention at the Dickinson College Farm

Bob unfortunately died in July 2020. The movie is dedicated to him. 

Keppy Arnoldsen

Former Biology Instructor and Lab Coordinator and Horticulture Teaching Asst at Penn State University. Her favourite topic is the effluent.

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