I’m your tutor for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design

Embark on a sustainable journey with me, Dominik Jais. As an accredited tutor with the Permaculture Association Britain I'm offering guided support for their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. Explore the wide field of permaculture design with me!

Since June 2023 I, Dominik Jais, am an Accredited Diploma Tutor with the UK Permaculture Association 🎉 With a wealth of experience in diverse permaculture designs from orchards to renewable energy systems, I am eager to support aspiring permaculturists in their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design journey. 🌳💡 Whether you are looking to sharpen your design skills, create transformative projects, or cultivate sustainable living practices, I’m here to mentor and guide you every step of the way. 🌱📚 Let's sow the seeds of knowledge together! 🤝 Feel free to reach out for more information on the diploma and how we can collaborate. 💌

Starting the processes

If your path is leading you towards becoming a Diploma Apprentice in Permaculture Design, here’s how you can start your amazing journey:

🌱 Step 1: Begin by familiarizing yourself with the essentials of the Diploma program. Visit Introduction to the Diploma to get a grasp of what awaits you.

🌱 Step 2: If you’re all set and ready to take the leap, delve into the necessary documents to get started at Apprentice Forms.

🌱 Step 3: Register with the UK Permaculture Association by heading to Registration. When filling in the registration form, please enter “Dominik Jais” in the field that asks for “My chosen personal Diploma tutor is:”.


  • Diploma membership UK Permaculture Association during the time of the Diploma (12 pound / month)
  • Mandatory tutorials are
    • Induction Tutorial - 105 €
    • Intermediate Portfolio Assessment - 180 pound
    • Final Portfolio Assessment I - 180 pound
    • Final Portfolio Assessment II - 150 pound
    • Final Presentation event - 105 €
  • Hourly rate for personal tutorials, design tutorials or technical tutorials is 65 €. 

All fees in € are inclusive 24% Finnish VAT.

What's Next? Your Roadmap to Getting Started 🌿🗺️:

🌱 Step 1: Upon your registration, the UK Permaculture Association office will reach out to me to share the exciting news that you've chosen me as your tutor! I'll then get in touch with you to send over the Apprentice-Tutor-Learning Agreement, which you'll need to sign to seal our mentorship partnership.

🌱 Step 2: Together, we'll set a date for a kickoff session! This will be a 2-hour induction event where we’ll lay the groundwork for your inspiring journey in the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. This is where the adventure begins, as we set your goals, outline the path, and ignite the spark for your permaculture aspirations!

And just like that, you'll be on your way to a journey of learning and growing in the world of permaculture. 🌳📘

Get in contact!

If you are interested in me being your tutor in the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design fill in the form below or send me a mail to perma [at] beyondbuckthorns.com (perma[at]beyondbuckthorns[dot]com)

And voilà! You’re on your way to sowing seeds of knowledge and growing a sustainable future.

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