Biogas is a type of fuel that is produced from organic materials, such as plant matter or animal waste, through the process of anaerobic digestion. In this process, organic materials are broken down in an oxygen-free environment, such as in a sealed container or tank, by bacteria and other microorganisms. This breakdown process produces a mixture of gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide, which is known as biogas.

Biogas can be produced on a small scale, such as at a homestead, by using a DIY biogas system. These systems typically consist of a sealed container or tank where the organic materials are placed and broken down, a pipe or tubing system to collect the biogas, and a gas burner or other appliance to use the biogas as a fuel. There are many different designs and plans available for DIY biogas systems, and they can be built using a variety of materials and components. Some people even use repurposed materials, such as old barrels or tanks, to build their own biogas systems. However, it is important to carefully plan and construct a biogas system to ensure that it is safe and effective. 

Great resource to dive into DIY biogas are and 

Templating a workshop

Designing a biogas workshop that can be delivered over and over again. Creating a workshop blueprint.

Biogas Part 1 - the Basics

In 2017 I wrote an article for Elonkehä about Biogas. The article was first written in English and then translated by Lumia into Finnish. Find this article devided into 3 parts here at Beyondbuckthorns.

We Built Our Own Biogas System

After the successful Biogas workshop at the Parainen permaculture we scheduled another Biogas workshop. This time at our own premises: the Beyond Buckhtorns Permaculture. We had plans to build this DIY Biogas system since… more

Biogas Workshop at the Parainen Permaculture

On the weekend of the 28th of April Lumia and I drove down to the Parainen Permaculture, better known as Päivärinteen permakulttuuritila. I was invited by Lotta, who is the owner of the permaculture farm, to run a biogas workshop.