Our corn harvest happened a while back, but as there are not so many garden news to post during the wintertime, I thought I'd revisit the subject and share what we did with corn we got in October.

First of all, we got a lot of ears, but most of them were not fully developed. A few were really big with yellow corn, the most medium-sized with pale yellow corn and some very small ones, which is great, as it means we have baby corn, too!

We worked together - Nick peeled the leaves off the ears and I then sorted the different sized cobs and prepared them for conserving in one of the following methods

a) baby corn cut to slices for stir fries

b) kernels (medium sized & not fully developed cobs) for all kinds of dishes like chilis, tortilla fillings

c) full cobs for corn on the cob

We also got several really funky looking cobs - really long, spiral formed, funnily half developed ones - see the pictures below! I documented them for you all to see, and then prepared them also for the freezer.

In the end we had several bags or containers full of all three kinds of corn to be taken to the freezer. We had some already in a chili sin carne dish the other day and even though our corn wasn't as big or yellow as the one from the store, it was really, really tasty.

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