We had a lots of carrots in our garden. Before frost we harvested them all, Lumias Mom came over to help on a sunny day and we got everything out in an hour or so. But the problem really is: we can't eat them all at once. So we searched for an option to preserve carrots. The best what we found from different sources is putting them into sand and then storing them in our cellar. 

What do you need: 

  • Stable 40x25 cm plastic boxes, high enough for 3 to 4 layers of carrots -> more than 4 layers get to heavy due to the amount of sand. You could of course vary the box and layer size to your needs. Just make sure you still could lift the box (I underestimated how much sand really weighs). 
  • Sand, the amount depends on the amount of carrots

We first put in a first layer of sand. On that we put the carrots. We made sure that no carrots touched each other. Once the layer was ready we sieved in sand until we couldn't see the carrots anymore. You can check and feel with your hands too. Make sure you have enough sand above the first layer so that the second layer doesn't touch the first. And so you go layer by layer until you have your carrots covered in it.

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