With 3 weeks into the Corona "lock down" we got some of our projects going. 

Lumia planted a lot of vegetable seeds into self rolled paper pots. She planted chilli, tomatoes, celery stalks, celeriac, basil, curcuma and ginger. All of them are sitting on a shelf in front of our living space window.

The Biogas shed update

In the Biogas Shed design I explained that the 1/3 of the shed will be a green house. To get that done I implemented a window front wall. It took me about 3 days to get it done.

Besides a window east south facing wall there will be a floor air heating under the raised bed that will be used for annuals. I dug down the sandy soil and found a lot of artifacts - non of it for the museum. 

Grafting and pruning

Besides planting we grafted plum trees. The rootstock came from one of our plum trees. I dug them out shortly before grafting. The scions came from two other cultivars of plum trees - one with yellow fruits, the other with blue fruits.

It was also time to prune our cherry trees. Most of the cut brunches ended up as wood chips. Which will later end up on top of the raised beds in the green house. 

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