Winter has officially arrived. Well not officially, but for me first snow means that autumn is coming to an end, even though it always melts away for another month or even two. Here are some impressions from the garden on the 28th and 29th of October 2019.

As for raking leaves, I think the issue is so important I will not only leave my comments about it in the image titles. See, we don't rake our leaves unless there is too little mulch for the garden. Leaving leaves lay where they fall is beneficial in many ways. All kinds of bugs and critters find a home and food under the leaf layer, many of which are beneficial for your garden. The leaves nourish your lawn over winter, so if you are in the habit of fertilising your lawn, less or no extra fertilising may be needed after the leaves release their nutrients. We don't have a lawn per se, but just mown green areas, so the leaves need to go work in the annuals garden. We could also compost them, and so could you if you don't mulch. Just don't toss them to the trash or heaven forbid burn them!

This little article at gives you all the basic info.

But now onto the glog. Enjoy!

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