Herbs in pots and grass mulch

After a long winter and spring which just dragged on cold, summer 2017 has finally arrived. Here are some glimpses from our garden.

The Great Squash and Pumpkin Harvest

Lumia planted a lot of different curcubitas and most of them grew fruits. On the field were Spaghetti, Hokkaido, Futsu, Blue Banana and one type which I don't know its name. So we got a huge variety of different squashes. 

How To Make Delicious Pickled Pumpkins

Our pumpkins are now ripe, and we have quite a few! This article is about one really big one which we made into pickled pumpkin, a delicious condiment for all kinds of dishes during the winter. Check out our little video and read the article for the pickled pumpkin recipe!

The Pumpkins are Blooming

Finally my pumpkin plants have started to bloom and make fruit! The cucumbers are also blooming, but not growing cucumbers yet. Thank goodness for the few hot sunny days we had this week!

Planting Squash and Pumpkins in Finland (Zone 5)

When I look at the hardiness map at plantmaps.com our place is right in the border of zones 5a and 5b.

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