Our pumpkins are now ripe, and we have quite a few! This article is about one really big one which we made into pickled pumpkin, a delicious condiment for all kinds of dishes during the winter. Check out our little video and read the article for the pickled pumpkin recipe!

Making Pickled Pumpkins

Cutting pumpkin wedges

After the initial opening of the pumpkin Mom cut big wedges from it, to make it easier to work with it.

Peeled and unpeeled wedges

After that we peeled the wedges as our pumpkin was not one where the peel can be eaten. We used simple knives for this.

Cutting pumpkin to cubes

The next step was to cut the wedges into small cubes. If I had been alone, I would have used our Bosch MUM kitchen machine (Amazon Uk, Amazon DE), but as I had my Mom the Kitchen Wizard (hee hee) with me, we did it per hand with knives. As it was warm and sunny we did it outside on our garden table, which was really nice!

Pumpkin cubes and spices

Once we had the pumpkins cubed up - we did about 3 kilos of cubes and still had loads of pumpkin left! - I wento to the kitchen to make the pickled pumpkins. Mom had got us some ready-made spices-and-preservation mixes for pumpkins so I used those, plus I added some extra dill and mustard seeds. Here's the recepie I used:

3 kilosPumpkin cubes
4 dlVinegar (10%)
4 dlSugar
1,5 litresWater
Two bagsPumpkin spice mix
1 tbspSalt
Dill, mustard seedsTo taste

For the amount I should have used three spice mix bags but I didn't have any more, so I just added some extra salt and spices, and that worked brilliantly. First I made too little stock and had to cook some more. The recipe has been adjusted to the amounds I had after the second round of stock cooking.

Cooking pickled pumpkins

Here are the pumpkins boiling in the stock. First you bring the stock to the boil, and then add the pumpkin cubes. Then you boil them until the cubes become translucent, which was about 15 minutes with the size of cubes we had.

Once the product was ready I filled it into hot, clean jars and let cool for about a day until I took them to the cellar. I tried a few too and yes, they are really nice! I'm very happy to have this reservoir of tasty pickled pumpkins in my cellar for the winter, so thanks to Mother Nature for making such a beautiful pumpkin, and for my Mom for the rest!

Homemade pickled pumpkins

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