Lingonberry Creations

Happy new year 2017! The new year has started with beautiful, cold weather and lots of plans for the next year!

Cucumber Frenzy

We did have some cucumbers growing in our garden, but not enough to make conserves of them.

How To Make Delicious Pickled Pumpkins

Our pumpkins are now ripe, and we have quite a few! This article is about one really big one which we made into pickled pumpkin, a delicious condiment for all kinds of dishes during the winter. Check out our little video and read the article for… more

What I Made with my Black Currants

On our premises we have many different berry bushes, including red, white, black and green currants. Most of our currants are red and black, so we do get quite a lot of harvest of these kinds.

Step By Step - Sweet Sour Zucchini

We have a lot of zucchini plants (also known as gourgettes or summer squash) in our garden. Which means we get a lot of zucchinis. I'd say it's about 2,5 kg every other day. So, what to do with that many zucchinis?