Amazing Zucchini Chutney

We love zucchinis in this house. I always plant a lot, like 10 plants, and they tend to succeed every year, so we eat a lot of zucchinis from July to the first frost (usually sometime in September). We of course preserve a lot of it, too, for the…

Collecting the Zucchini Seeds

When we harvested the zucchinis back in September 2016 they were really big. They were that big that we called them "our pigs". We deliberately let them grow that size in order to collect the seeds. So how did I do that?

Delicious Zucchini Chips

We have a lot of zucchinis. Though, with that many zucchinis the 1000 $ question is: what to do with them? You could stuff them, fry them, blend them to smoothies, give them away - or: dry them. 

Step By Step - Sweet Sour Zucchini

We have a lot of zucchini plants (also known as gourgettes or summer squash) in our garden. Which means we get a lot of zucchinis. I'd say it's about 2,5 kg every other day. So, what to do with that many zucchinis?

And Then the Zucchini Came

Lumia planted a lot of Zucchinis. It is sayed that one plant can supply a 4 head family. We got 7 plants. So we get about 1,5 kg of zucchinis every other day. I ususally cut them of the plant when they are somewhere between 10 to 20 cm, but not… more