We have a lot of zucchinis. Though, with that many zucchinis the 1000 $ question is: what to do with them? You could stuff them, fry them, blend them to smoothies, give them away - or: dry them. 

One of the 2015th christmas presents was a dehydrator. We used it before to dry berry bush leaves for tea and herbs for spices - which worked out very well. But that's a story Lumia has to tell. 

So the dehydrator came in handy when we had to deal with this mass of delicious zucchinis. 

Zucchinis on a pile

We first take about 4 big zucchinis, wash them and then cut them into 4 to 5 parts (depends on the zucchinis size)


Step by Step

Thick cutting blade of the Bosch MUM

Use the MUM kitchen machine and its thicker cutting blade to cut the zucchnis in slices. Make sure not to use the thinner cutting blade, otherwise you create thin Air Chips© (which are tasty, but tough to scrape off the dehydrator). 

Zucchini within a MUM slice cutter

Once the bowl is full of zucchini slices put in 2 tbs of oil and then your favourite herbs.

My recipe goes as follow: 

  • 2 tbs exta virgin olive oil
  • 1 pinch of oregano
  • 1 pinch of wild garlic
  • 3 pinches of white pepper 

Then mix everything by hand. If you want to test your own recipe I suggest to have someone standing by to add herbs on your command, otherwise you end up washing your hands every time you want to reach for the next spice container.

Zucchini slices on a dehydrator

Still with our hands dirty we put the zucchinis slice by slice into the dehydrator. I'm still experimenting with temperature and time. For the moment I go with 50°C for about 6 hours. Just check how crispy you'd like them to be.

Voila - your delicious spicy zucchini chips are ready!

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