On our premises we have many different berry bushes, including red, white, black and green currants. Most of our currants are red and black, so we do get quite a lot of harvest of these kinds. Most of the currants we simply freeze as it is so quick and convenient and the berries can be used in so many ways in the winter. A big part of the red currants goes into cakes during the season, too!

I didn't want to freeze all my black currants though, so I made jam out of about 2 litres of them. It was very easy, I just heated the berries, added jamming sugar and boiled the mixture for about 15 minutes. I also added a few twigs of mint and bit of organic lemon peel for taste, but I must admit I can hardly taste them through the unbelievably strong, wonderful black currant taste! The finished product I filled into hot, clean glass jars.

There was a little bit too much for the jars, so I just poured it into a bowl and was able to test the finished product right away. The taste is really phenomenally rich and strong. If you like black currants, you will love jam made with them too!

Now they are waiting for fall and winter in my cellar, when a fresh breeze from summer days (plus the vitamin kick) is much needed in this piece of Earth!

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