My Deer, Aren't You Pretty and Brave!

On a February day we sat in our office working when suddenly Nick shouts: "Look, a deer!". Indeed it was a deer, walking peacefully on our open front yard, obviously on its way somewhere.

Learning How to Offshoot Bushes

When we started with our Nordic Permaculture we didn't have much clue about berry bushes. We simply bought what we needed from the garden shop and planted them.

What I Made with my Black Currants

On our premises we have many different berry bushes, including red, white, black and green currants. Most of our currants are red and black, so we do get quite a lot of harvest of these kinds.

The Red Currants are Coming In

Finaly the red currants made their way into our home. We have many bushes arround the premises but two of them are really big. It took a lot of time to pick one entire bush. And what do we make out of them? That's coming next!