Permaculture design is a systematic approach to planning and creating sustainable land-use and agricultural systems using the ethics, principles and practices of permaculture. Permaculture design involves understanding and working with the natural characteristics of a specific site, such as its climate, soils, water resources, and existing vegetation, to create a productive and sustainable system.

Social design is a branch of permaculture that focuses on the application of permaculture principles and practices to the design of human communities and social systems. It is based on the belief that the same principles and approaches that are used to create sustainable and productive land-use systems can also be applied to the design of human communities and social systems.

Articles tagged with Design

Introducing the EuPN certified PermaHub – a modern data driven approach to accreditation

This design is to show a data driven approach to assessing and accrediting permaculture places. It was driven by the frustration I got working with the LAND (Learning, Action, Network and Demonstration) system in Finland.

Introducing the interactive plant map at Beyond Buckthorns

At Beyond Buckthorns we combined a curated plant database with geospatial data to create a digital twin, extending the edge permaculture design and fostering a connection of the online and natural world.

A modern way into the Permaculture Design Certificate

In 2022 we run our first PDC here at Beyond Buckthorns. Dominik designed it using permaculture ethics and design. Read about observations and the design.

From plans to build - a Kontiki kiln for charcoal making

In order to close the loop of my biogas systems outputs I thought of a mixture of shit, piss, effluent and charcoal some years ago. The only missing component was until recently the charcoal. Charcoal making is an art on its own, especially if… more

Designing a food forest for Zone 1

This design is for a small multi layer garden (forest garden). It shows how easy it is to transform ~ 100 m² with permaculture design into a productive area.

Recap – Permablitz designCamp 2021

In 2020 I designed a new type of permaculture course, the design crash course called designCamp. By stepping through a design process in one or two days the participants learn about the process and get inspiration. Read the recap of the 2021… more