Energy autonomy can provide greater independence and security, as it reduces reliance on external sources of energy that may be vulnerable to disruptions or price fluctuations. However, achieving complete energy autonomy can be challenging and may not be practical or cost-effective in all cases.

It is even not necessary or realistic for every individual to achieve complete energy autonomy. In most cases, it is more efficient and cost-effective for individuals to be part of a larger energy system, such as a grid or community-level renewable energy system. This allows for the sharing of resources and the balancing of supply and demand.

Articles tagged with energy autonomy

Measuring the electric energy consumption in comparison to production

In September 2023 Elenia installed a new electric meter in our house. This new electric meter is from the company Aidon and it comes with a HAN port (Home Area Network). When the meter gets installed the HAN port is inactive. It requires a Mail…

Heating with the sun - a solar air heater

Solar air heaters are passive solar element that can heat rooms during cold days while the sun is shining. Building one is a piece of cake

Introducing the Jean-Luc

Since I got dropped into biogas, working with Prof. TH Culhane on different biogas projects, I always wanted to have a biogas system on my own. When I came to Finland I finally got the space to build a biogas digester and then actually experiment… more