Permakulttuuri Nyt event at Annala Helsinki

On the 21st of April the Finnish Permaculture Association (FPA) hosted "Permakulttuuri Nyt!" at Annala in Helsinki. About 50 - 60 permaculture enthusiast were present during the event.

Starting Our Mushroom Farm

In 2016 I planned to start a small mushroom (general, funghi) farm. My first interest got me into reading about button mushrooms, but I dropped them very soon for Shitake and Pleurotus. Both could be cultivated on logs.

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Mulching with hay and leaves
The yellow rubber duck is watching you
Box of Finnish strawberries
Tiny cucumber
Black currant jam
Little squash
Organic apple juice made in Finland
Meeting the Nordic Institute of Permaculture in Oslo at ByKuben