Some qualities of a good observer include:

  1. Attention to detail: A good observer is able to notice and remember small details, such as the color of an object, the shape of a leaf, or the texture of a surface.
  2. Objectivity: A good observer is able to view things without bias or preconceived notions, and they are able to report on what they see accurately and objectively.
  3. Patience: A good observer is able to remain patient and focused, even if the process of observing takes a long time.
  4. Curiosity: A good observer is curious and interested in learning more about what they are observing, and they are willing to ask questions and seek additional information.
  5. Record-keeping skills: A good observer is able to accurately record their observations, either through written notes, sketches, or other means.
  6. Communication skills: A good observer is able to effectively communicate their observations to others, either through verbal or written reports

Obersvation is the first stage in the OBREDIM design process.

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