A permaculture design certificate (PDC) is a certification program that provides education and training in the principles and practices of permaculture design. The PDC is a comprehensive course that covers a wide range of topics, including permaculture ethics and principles, soil health and composting, water management, plant selection and guilds, food forests, (animal systems), and sustainable community design. 

The PDC is typically a 72-hour course that is taught over the course of two weeks or more. It is usually taught by experienced permaculture practitioners and educators who have completed a PDC themselves and have practical experience in permaculture design and implementation. The course includes a mix of classroom instruction, hands-on workshops, field trips, and group projects.

Upon completion of the PDC, participants receive a permaculture design certificate that is recognized by the permaculture community worldwide. The PDC is considered the entry-level qualification for those who want to work as permaculture designers or educators, and it is a valuable educational experience for anyone interested in sustainable land-use and agriculture.

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Articles tagged with PDC

The 2023 Permaculture Design Course

Teaching a PDC is a rewarding task. In June 2023 we hosted our second PDC at Beyond Buckthorns.

A modern way into the Permaculture Design Certificate

In 2022 we run our first PDC here at Beyond Buckthorns. Dominik designed it using permaculture ethics and design. Read about observations and the design.

Permaculture design certificate course at Beyond Buckthorns in 2022

After I finished my diploma in applied permaculture design in 2021 I’m now allowed to teach PDCs. Since I’m not sure what kind of PDC is needed, I’m going to offer two different types. For both courses the minimum number of participants is 6 to… more

Getting a Permaculture Design Certificate

In 2018 a public garden run by a non for profit organization suddenly re-branded themselves as a Permaculture. I had a longer discussion with their head gardener which I knew from one of the community gardens and a very short discussion with one… more