After I finished my diploma in applied permaculture design in 2021 I’m now allowed to teach PDCs. Since I’m not sure what kind of PDC is needed, I’m going to offer two different types. For both courses the minimum number of participants is 6 to make the course happen.

Both PDCs will be Permaculture Design Camps, meaning the accommodation will be done camping style and you’ll need to bring your own tent. Both courses will have the same curriculum, while there will be differences in co-teachers. Main focus of both PDCs is on home- and homestead-style and -size permaculture - NOT farms or other commercial operations.

In order to see if the minimum participants number is reached please check the PDC you are interested in and sign-up for it:

  1. A 12 day residential course

  2. A 5×2 days weekend course (canceled for 2022)