Strawberry field with straw and newspaper covering the soil

Over the last weeks I prepared my strawberry field. I turned the earth upside down, removed hundreds of stones (ok 11), and set a border. In order to grow strawberry easily I first put newspaper on the ground and covered that with organic straw. Why easily?

Starting Our Mushroom Farm

In 2016 I planned to start a small mushroom (general, funghi) farm. My first interest got me into reading about button mushrooms, but I dropped them very soon for Shitake and Pleurotus. Both could be cultivated on logs.

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Harvest of different types of squashes
A lot of blueberries waiting for their usage
Black currant making roots
Bean harvest 2017
Thinned out carrots
The system arrives by post
Mustikkakukko served
Pickled green tomatoes it is