In the first part after week one I decided to track our other trash, namely the recycleables. For the rest of the month of September, for about 3 weeks I did just that, and here are some notes about it.

1. The plastic. We got about one big shopper full of plastic in three weeks. This is the clean (or easily cleansed) plastic, anything really dirty like cat food bags still went to the mixed trash what will be burned for energy. Bread, spaghetti, some red-labeled (which means discounted one day before best before date) convenience foods and all kinds of miscellanous wrappings. We don't actively try to avoid plastic, but I do feel this amount is not very bad. We take it to town (11 km) when visiting the store so it's ok.

2. Glass, metal and carton. Like I promised, I set up carton gathering in our place. I noticed we get really little metal or glass in the house, so I combined those and devoted one of the bins to carton. We only had a few tins and some dirty tin foil in the metal and fed little glass jars in glass. I take most of the glass jars we use to reuse as marmalade glasses. I do think I have enough of those now, so let's see about the future. In the carton we've put oat milk cartons and some other things that claim to be carton. How that stuff can be recycled blows my mind but apparently they are able to pull apart the plastic and tin foil linings there.

Conclusions of this all: I think it its a good idea to dedicate some time to really look at your trash and see what you could do better. It might be good to redo this every year.