Better late than never, right? The Kevätmessut fair took place 12. - 15.04.2018 and I am only now writing about it. But I thought it would be a shame not to write, so here it is.

The Kevätmessut is an event with five areas: garden, summer cottage, interior design, house & home as well as regional and organic food. I visited the mega fair (on a Finnish scala mega) on the Saturday. Not the best time, as it was full of people, like having to really push through masses of people at times full. At least that was the case in the first sector we (I went with a friend) headed to, the food area. The first thing we did was to get a huge korvapuusti pastry and prepare ourselves for the rest of the fair. I met Heikki from Penttilän Tila, a customer of ours, and we also tried a lot of other delicious foods before heading towards the garden section, the biggest area at the fair. Take a look at some of the impressions in the gallery below.


The garden area really was huge. They actually say on the website, that it is the largest gardening event in the Nordic countries. There were of course plenty of exhibitors with their booths, but also this huge, creative main decoraction area made by Puutarhaetsivät (our customer Tanja's business!) It was really inspirational, as it was made in different kind of sections and the whole had a Alice in Wonderland -theme going on!

After stopping at all the booths with seeds and bulbs we strolled around to the summer cabin area and marveled at the cute saunas and swimming pools. We then rushed through the house and home area, as none of us is building a new place at this time, and took a look at the interior decoration area (which we first completely overlooked, it was that small), where my friend ended up getting a new pillow for herself.

Last but not least we headed back to the food section to stock up on cheese and this delicious barley porridge by Riihipuoti. I bought two kilos and have been very, very satisfied with it!

All in all a very nice day at the fair, we walked a lot and saw a lot - and bought a lot of seeds, as you can see below!


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