One year ago today said "Hello World!" Unbelievable, right? Time really flies. Like this summer. Since early June we've been kind of waiting for the summer to start, so we can blog some garden progress... well, here we are, end of July, and the summer has never really started. Thus the lack of blog posts.

We've had a historically cold spring, followed by a bit less historical but still very cold summer here in Finland. When I look at the first post we published last year, "The Pumpkins are Blooming", I can hardly believe it. Not even our zucchini are blooming this year, let alone any other pumpkin! The only real harvest we've had so far are radishes and some salad! It's just been so cold, everything is 2-4 weeks late, and it will be left to see if it can even get ready. If Fall comes early, the answer is no.

Anyhow, there are foods in the garden which are coming along nicely, like the peas and red beets. We've had the first potato meal from our garden (on the 27th of July!) and some strawberries also. It's not all bad!

It's been a long year, and at the same time it has passed so quickly. And here we are, still gardening, still renovating, still working here, on our premises Beyond Buckthorns - eager to see what the future holds. Thanks for sharing our journey so far, and for coming along for the next bit.


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