A printable Lunar Calendar for 2019

Between the years there is usually a lot of time for thoughts, friends, movies, books, projects and all kinds of things. At Beyondbuckthorns we have started to plan the next year, the next gardening season. 

Collecting the Zucchini Seeds

When we harvested the zucchinis back in September 2016 they were really big. They were that big that we called them "our pigs". We deliberately let them grow that size in order to collect the seeds. So how did I do that?

Overwintering Herbs - Trial and Error

Last summer I sowed and planted all kinds of biennial and perennial herbs in my garden.

From seed I had

  • thyme
  • marjoram
  • parsley and
  • chives

and as young plants from the garden store I… more

Planting Winter Garlic

Did you know that in cold climates it's better to plant garlic in the fall than in spring? It gives it a head start and enables it to grow big bulbs by the next fall.

We Are Harvesting our Corn

When a friend of ours who lives a few kilometres from us said that he would be harvesting their corn the next day, we thought that we should look after ours as well. On the next day the weather wasn't that nice, so we decided to wait a little… more

Conserving the Carrots In Sand

We had a lots of carrots in our garden. Before frost we harvested them all, Lumias Mom came over to help on a sunny day and we got everything out in an hour or so. But the problem really is: we can't eat them all at once. So we searched for an… more