A printable Lunar Calendar for 2019

Between the years there is usually a lot of time for thoughts, friends, movies, books, projects and all kinds of things. At Beyondbuckthorns we have started to plan the next year, the next gardening season. 

New Berry on the Block

A few days back my friend came to visit and brought a young blackberry plant as a housewarming present. What joy!

What I Made with my Black Currants

On our premises we have many different berry bushes, including red, white, black and green currants. Most of our currants are red and black, so we do get quite a lot of harvest of these kinds.

The Corn And the Storm

And there are those day you really struggle with nature. On Wednesday it was heavy raining and in addition to the rain the wind blew pretty heavy.

The Red Currants are Coming In

Finaly the red currants made their way into our home. We have many bushes arround the premises but two of them are really big. It took a lot of time to pick one entire bush. And what do we make out of them? That's coming next!

Our first tomatoes

We bought four small tomato plants from the local grower in June, as Lumia got some vouchers for that shop for her birthday.