A printable Lunar Calendar for 2019

Between the years there is usually a lot of time for thoughts, friends, movies, books, projects and all kinds of things. At Beyondbuckthorns we have started to plan the next year, the next gardening season. 

The Last Tomatoes - or: Winter Is Coming

When we came to Finland I immediately started building a small tomato green house. I built it from old cupboard parts, basically with nearly no costs at all - just for the screws and the PVC foil.

Welcome October

It's the 1st of October. In Finland, the summer is definitely over. The leaves are dropping, the temperatures are dropping and the amound of daylight hours is declining too. The garden is getting emptier also.

The Great Squash and Pumpkin Harvest

Lumia planted a lot of different curcubitas and most of them grew fruits. On the field were Spaghetti, Hokkaido, Futsu, Blue Banana and one type which I don't know its name. So we got a huge variety of different squashes. 

Learning How to Offshoot Bushes

When we started with our Nordic Permaculture we didn't have much clue about berry bushes. We simply bought what we needed from the garden shop and planted them.

Bringing the Onions In

Sunday the 21st was the day of the day of bringing in the onions. Onions? Great scott! Onions! Yes, we planted a lots of them months ago. But let's not talk about history. Back in the future it is the time to harvest them. And that's what we did… more