It's the 1st of October. In Finland, the summer is definitely over. The leaves are dropping, the temperatures are dropping and the amound of daylight hours is declining too. The garden is getting emptier also. What we still have of our summer plants are a few plants of salads, marjoram and parsley, as well as some fennel and kohlrabi - and a few tough zucchinis. Marjoram and parsley I will soon transfer into a pot and try and get them through the winter that way, the rest we will try and eat up before winter!

We also have some of our root vegetables still in the ground, and there they will also stay until frost is upon us. We have parsnips, turnips, rutabagas and black salsify. Also kale is still out, as it tastes so much better after the first frost bites! The corn is still out but only because it's not ready yet. I am unsure if it will be this year at all.

Here are a few impressions from our place on the evening of 1st of October 2016.

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