Welcome to the first post of our glog - our garden log book for quick and simple updates on what is happening in the garden on a daily basis. This is the tag to follow if you want to know what is going on in the garden beyond buckthorns!

First glog entry (drumroll please):

the cucumbers and the green beans are finally blooming! The radishes are really big, we should hurry up and eat these, and sow some new ones. We should also eat the swedes (not the people, the turnips) as the cabbage moth ate up their leaves, it's not likely they'll grow much more. The red beets are still really small, but the carrots are starting to get to an edible size. I should start thinning them out to make room for the carrots which are going to be stored to get big and strong. The peas are so close to being big enough to eat!