Did I mention that the spring and summer 2017 have been awfully cold and rainy? I think I have, in every post since March! It's true, but I am very glad to tell you that August has finally been somewhat nicer. There has been warmth and decent amounts of rain, and we've seen some progress in the garden.

We've finally been able to harvest the currants, raspberries and green peas (usually these are July task). The salad season has been really bad, they just didn't grow that well - except rucola, which has been awesome. We will even get some seeds from them. It's been enough salad for us, though, just not much to give away. My Mum has been going berry picking in the woods often and has been kind enough to give us some blueberries and mushrooms from her trips.

The zuchhini and pumpkins are only blooming. I doubt if we'll get any harvest from those this year. The broccoli should make it though. If the fall is merciful, we'll get some.

There are lots of beans, beets, parsnips and some carrots coming though! Actually today we had the first decent sized red beets for dinner on a root vegetable galette. Yum! Let me know if you need that recipe translated.

Anyhow, check out the gallery for some impressions and keep your thumbs up that we get a beautiful autumn.


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